Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Tackling the spread of hyacinth in Kenya

Fishermen around Lake Victoria in Kenya are lamenting the spread of the aquatic weed hyacinth, but others are capitalizing on the plant.


Plan to control weeds opposed

Environmentalist and iwi groups say chemicals not safe
The Government and electricity giant Mighty River Power want restrictions lifted on banned pesticides they want to discharge into waterways - including the Waikato River - to control pest weeds.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Herbicide Spraying Closes Presque Isle

A helicopter will be flying over Presque Isle State Park on Wednesday, October 10 applying herbicide to 170 acres of land inundated with two invasive plant species. The invasive species are Narrow-leaf Cattail and Phragmites. The presence of these plants is damaging to the native plants as well as the overall habitat and ecosystem health of the park.


Muck-monster at work — briefly — on Orange Lake

Frank Taylor with A&L Aquatic Weed Control shreds vegetation near the Heagy-Burry boat ramp on Orange Lake in Orange Lake Monday morning.


Weed research has positive flow-on effects

Victorian scientists are working on a solution to control aquatic weeds that block irrigation channels. Scientists … are testing a potential new herbicide to wipe out submerged aquatic weeds. DPI Senior Research Scientist Tony Dugdale said efficient water delivery was of critical importance to irrigators, farmers and the community. "When these weeds infest irrigation channels, the hydraulic capacity of the channels is reduced and the delivery of water becomes compromised," Dr Dugdale said. "This ultimately leads to reduced water delivery to irrigators."


LSU AgCenter releases more weevils to fight aquatic weed

Dearl Sanders calls himself a bug chauffeur. The LSU AgCenter scientist is trying to move as many salvinia weevils as he can to combat the invasive aquatic plant giant salvinia, which is clogging waterways across Louisiana.


Genoa residents split over weed control

Residents living along East and West Crooked Lakes in Genoa Township continue to disagree whether a large-scale chemical weed-control project would pose risks to human health or aquatic life.


Alien weed spreading in Pampa river

The holy river Pampa, which has already been a victim of indiscriminate human intervention and high levels of pollution has, of late, become a fertile area for invasive weeds native to America. A recent study... found spreading presence of Cabomba, a fast-growing submerged aquatic species along the Aranmula stretch of the river...


Mysterious weed in lake is hydrilla

A mysterious aquatic plant that fouls boat propellers, makes boating and swimming difficult, and has the potential to make fishing less productive has been identified as hydrilla, an invasive species.